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 Reservation Date Name Arrival Time Phone Guests Party Notes Entry Date Location
10/15/2020Joe K11:30 am8

6-8 people REQUESTED FELIX; he said they normally come in on Thursdays

October 14, 2020Tempe
09/28/2020Karen MacArthur6:30 pm(480) 699-502725

group is called East Valley Chorale; no kids; East side

September 23, 2020Tempe
09/26/2020Renee Renee6:00 pm11

8 adults, 2 kids, and one booster.

September 24, 2020Tempe
09/20/2020Todd Todd12:45 pm(602) 421-479210

8 adults and 2 kids.

September 18, 2020Tempe
09/19/2020Frankie Frankie7:00 pm(480) 270-070910

6 adults, 3 kids, and 1 HC

September 18, 2020Tempe
09/17/2020John B12:00 pm(602) 432-927012

No kids, all seniors, REQUESTED FELIX

September 16, 2020Tempe
09/10/2020Stuart Adams6:00 pm(480) 969-537112

5 kids

September 7, 2020Tempe
09/06/2020Gary doolittle12:00 pm(602) 332-746610September 1, 2020Tempe
09/06/2020Gary doolittle12:00 pm(602) 332-746610September 2, 2020Tempe
09/05/2020Calisha c1:00 pm13September 1, 2020Tempe
09/04/2020Bethany Martinez4:00 pm(480) 868-151220

Bill approved

September 4, 2020Tempe
08/21/2020Matthew Christensen6:00 pm(480) 678-953210

No kids no wheelchairs

August 1, 2020Tempe
07/25/2020Bill Bill6:30 pm(602) 791-954912

No Kids, no wheelchairs

July 20, 2020Tempe
07/22/2020Teresa Kyle8:00 am(602) 980-313010

They are bringing table cloths and cupcakes regardless of our regulations ):

July 21, 2020Tempe
07/03/2020Kyle M6:30 pm(480) 543-701612July 2, 2020Tempe
07/02/2020Jack Bartko6:45 pm(928) 386-096810June 30, 2020Tempe
06/24/2020Goodyear Goodyear8:00 am30

Linda goodyear

February 17, 2020Tempe
05/29/2020Steve Hibbert8:00 am25

3 tables on east side

May 27, 2020Tempe
05/29/2020Steve Hibbert12:30 pm25

East side 3 tables

May 27, 2020Tempe
05/22/2020Paul Mccleary5:30 pm(480) 831-365210

90th birthday party

March 10, 2020Tempe
05/14/2020Jean N/A11:30 am(480) 355-860425

20-25 for Dobson ranch

February 28, 2020Tempe
04/21/2020Linda Aosko5:30 pm(480) 510-499025

20-25, will call to confirm headcount. Retirees, will have wheelchairs, separate checks.

March 5, 2020Tempe
03/26/2020Spanish Club12:00 pm12

Every other Thursday, East side

February 26, 2020Tempe
03/22/2020Ellis E8:00 am(602) 992-975712March 7, 2020Tempe
03/17/2020Michelle Smith6:00 pm(480) 259-518512

2 kids

March 15, 2020Tempe
 Reservation Date Name Arrival Time Phone Guests Party Notes Entry Date Location